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As an avid hunter, TV host and bear fanatic, I spend many hours in the woods chasing bears. In areas where baiting is legal I use every advantage I can find. I have been fortunate enough to find Predator Lures bait and have been amazed at the results. This product is great for getting bears to find your bait right after you put it out. I put some in my barrels, and also on the trees in the area. Predator Lures bait has worked for me, and it will work for you. Give it a try and see the results for yourself….but do yourself a favor and wear gloves when putting it out as you dont want that smell on your hands. Not a great hand lotion, but AMAZING for PREDATORS. Good luck!


Hunter and TV Host, M2D Camo

This product is very easy to use along with its convenient packaging which conceals the odor and makes it effortless to transport in the field. We have had results using predator lures numerous times at our trapping locations and bait stations. We have been consistently using this product on our guided hunts we host. It works perfect for beginners and makes an excellent bait enhancer.

Joe & Inga

Guide Outfitters, Russell Pond Outfitters